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Dr. Hubert is one of the best dentists in Wailuku if you are concerned with keeping your teeth healthy and your body free from dangerous dental toxins--esp. mercury. My husband has been going to Dr. Hubert for 15 years, and I've been going for almost 10. The staff is so incredibly friendly and helpful.
Reviewed by Michelle E.

Welcome To Foundational Dental Health Care

Wailuku, Hawaii holistic dentist Stephen Hubert, DDS, NMD and his experienced team welcome you to our site

As you browse our pages, we hope that you get a sense of our philosophy and dedication to quality care. The overriding goal of our practice is to provide patients with the level of integrative dental care that will achieve oral health and a beautiful smile, and to do so in an office that is welcoming and comfortable. With the focus of personalized care, Dr. Hubert has designed our practice to treat one patient at a time. One treatment chair, thorough consultation services. Treatment tailored to your needs and expectations using the safest biocompatible materials and enhanced with microscopic precision techniques.

Dentist to residents of Maui, other Hawaiian islands, Europe, the South Pacific and Asia, Dr. Stephen Hubert stands out as one of the premier holistic practitioners in the Islands. A Board Certified Naturopathic physician, Dr. Hubert received Board Certification in Biological Dental Medicine in 2009 and has been providing the highest standard of care to his patients for over 30 years. He is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the AAOT. His unquestionable skills and ethics are directed towards individual patients to achieve oral health that benefits the whole body.

Every patient is unique and deserves care that is delivered on a personal level, with time and attention focused on the needs at hand. If you are ready to receive care from a holistic dentist committed to a biocompatible practice, we invite you to call our office in Wailuku. What it means to receive care from a holistic dentist

As we speak with new and existing patients, we understand that more and more people of Hawaii are driven to seek a healthier and holistic lifestyle. Dr. Hubert is known for his outstanding skill and knowledge in the area of holistic, mercury-free, metal free dentistry and how nutrition plays an integral role in oral health. From an early point in his career, Dr. Hubert has practiced from an integrative perspective in which oral health is addressed as it is related to general health

When you visit our office, you experience dental care in a wonderfully uncommon way. Consultation visits are scheduled with sufficient time for private, undistracted conversations about your dental needs and concerns, as well as your overall oral health. During a comprehensive examination, our team will get to know the physical needs of you and your oral health. Not just immediate needs, as is common in most dental offices, but long-term needs that will promote health and wellbeing. Our philosophy is not to rush into x-rays and other diagnostics, but to get to know your personal medical history and lifestyle habits, and thus gain a better understanding of where dental issues like dental caries, gum disease and functional disorders may have their beginning.

Getting to know our patients on a personal level has a number of benefits. Your dentist is someone you trust to keep your smile and your oral health at an optimal level. You can depend on Dr. Hubert to keep you informed of what you may expect in the future and how to prevent dental issues with healthy habits.

In our comfortable, non-judgmental environment, your dental needs are identified and provided for with insightful, ongoing care and support. The standard of care found with our team is intended to help you achieve optimal health. We look forward to meeting you personally and learning about your needs and goals. Call 808-249-2092 for your private consultation.

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